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INSPO Magazine May 2019

Optimising lifestyles

Our lifestyles are way more than simply running, biking and skiing – there’s a bunch of other stuff that we do every day. Sure, how we exercise and what we eat are important, very important, but there are so many other things in our lives which affect how we feel – they define our wellbeing.

… An average month for any one of our local readers …shopping for the kids, going to the spa and having hair done, buying a new tent (or a bach), boating on the lake, driving to the mountains, trying a new restaurant, planning a dinner party, buying a new outfit and doing a new gym class – all part of the mix that goes to affecting wellbeing. So you’ll want help and you’ll want it to be local.

INSPO (Fitness Journal – health, lifestyle, wellbeing) reflects and informs that crazy busy lifestyle mix – the stuff which inspires you on a daily basis. INSPO incorporates nutrition advice, beauty tips, home and workplace wellbeing guides, health advice, performance techniques and heaps and heaps more.

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